Individual cycle tour "Sicily Baroque"

As the route passes through landscapes much different from each other, this tour is quite varied and interesting. The ritm is adjusted according to group's needs and interests, so it guarantees a nice experience among sport, Nature and gastronomy.

You ride on on your own, we organize your trip.

This self-guided bike tour leaves enough freedom to organize your trip as you would like but still offers the convenience of an organized tour to let you enjoy your bike vacation to the fullest.

Individual Radreisen mit Gepäcktransport

Tour characteristics

The route follows mainly less frequented secondary roads. Most of the parts are flat, some are light uphill sections, but still easy to manage. This tour is suitable for all healthy persons with a little bit of bike practice.

Tour description

You will pass through the Val di Noto, where most of the towns, after destruction during the earthquake of 1693, have been completely rebuilt in unique Sicilian Baroque style, and which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Along the trip you will discover beautiful towns like Palazzolo Acreide, Modica, Scicli and Noto, the latter considered the most important baroque town in Sicily, as well as Syracuse, one of the most important ancient Greek settlements. Along the cost you will see further highlights like the the bird and wildlife sanctuary "Oasi di Vendicari", the fishing village of Marzamemi, and the small islands of Capo Passero and Isola delle Correnti.

Day 1: Palazzolo Acreide

Monti Iblei Landschaft Individual arrival at Palazzolo Acreide, handover of the bikes and the roadbook and maps with all the information you will need

Day 2: Palazzolo Acreide - Modica (50 or 60 km)

Modica Before you leave Modica you should taste the famous chocolate, e.g. spiced with hot chili peppers. The recipe has been brought from the Aztecs by the Spaniards to Sicily. Cruising downhill through a beautiful Iblei canyon, you will arrive at Scicli, another city of the "Val di Noto" and well worth a stroll through the small alleys, before you continue down to the coast to Pozzallo with its long sandy beaches. The perfect opportunity to finish the stage with a refreshing bath in the sea.

Day 3: Modica - Pozzallo (36 or 48 km)

Küste bei Pozallo Vor Verlassen der Stadt Modica bietet es sich an, die berühmte Schokolade mit Peperoncino zu probieren. In leichtem Gefälle gelangen wir dann durch eine der typischen ibläischen Schluchten ins sehenswerte, barocke Scicli, das ebenfalls zum Weltkulturerbe "Valle di Noto" zählt.. Nach dessen Besichtigung führt uns die Tour zur Küste hinunter in die Hafenstadt Pozzallo.

Day 4: Pozzallo - Marzamemi (55 km))

Marzamemi This day the road will be completely flat. You will pass through some typical wetlands, the "Patano Longarini" and "Patano Cuba", a popular stopover amongst the migratory birds on their trips between Africa and Europe. Cycling along the shore you will reach the southernmost point of Sicily, the island "Isola delle Correnti", which lies on the same latitude as Tunis and marks the watershed between the Ionian and the Mediterranean Sea. Continuing through Portopalo di Capo Passero and Marzamemi, an ancient fishing village, you will finish your ride in San Lorenzo.

Day 5: Marzamemi - Noto (40 km)

Noto On a flat road heading north along the coast, you will reach the entrance to the natural preserve and wildlife sanctuary "Oasi di Vendicari", a wonderful and uncontaminated coast full of interesting plants and rare birds like pink flamingos and kingfisher. You will then continue to the inland, through vineyards to Noto. Noto is the capital of Sicilian Baroque with numerous magnificent Palazzi and Churches.

Day 6: Noto - Siracusa (35 or 55 km)

 Mazara del Vallo Today you have two options. Either following the coast further up north. Or a detour through the inland to the vista point of the Cavagrande del Cassible gorge and then a spectacular downhill with hairpins to the coast. Along the coast, you continue to Siracusa, the metropolis of ancient Greece, where you certainly will want to visit the stunning archaeological park with one of the biggest Greek theatres of the Magna Graecia. You should finish the day with a stroll through the picturesque historical centre, the Island Ortigia.

Day 7: Siracusa

Siracusa End of tour and individual departure or extension with additional days. We recommend visiting the fascinating Ortigia island, the historical and cultural centre of the city. The Old Town of Siracusa captivates immediately with more than 3000 years of history and archeological evidence of practically all great civilizations of the Mediterranean. Also in Ortigia is the lively Fishmarket of Syracuse.